Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is roofline?

A: Often referred to as 'roofline', the guttering, fascia and soffit are vital parts of your property. They line the roof of your property or commercial building. Their primary function is to collect and drain away rainwater from your roof. They also play a part in protecting the roofs rafters and create a barrier to the outside environment.

Q: Why use uPVC guttering?

A: In our opinion uPVC guttering is not only the most popular type of guttering. It's normally the most cost effective too. It's a very easy product to install and be cut to length relatively easily. It's also easy to maintain. You will not need to repaint or sand it down at all. 

Q: How long does guttering last for?

A: Our elegant looking UPVC guttering, fascia and soffits are incredibly durable. As a result, we offer a 20 year guarantee on white products and 5 years on coloured products (due to possible colour fade).

Q: How long does fitting new gutters, fascias and soffits take?

A: Of course this will depend on not only the size of your property but also the ease of access to your roof. But in general you're looking at no longer than a couple of days to replace your roofline on a standard 3 bed semi detached house. We always endeavour to reduce the disruption to you at all times and clear up after we've finished. 

Q. What products do you use?

A. We use mainly Eurocell and Marshall's products for our installations. We believe that the uPVC range from both Eurocell and Marshall give a good choice of style and colours and is durable and cost effective for the customer. 

Q. Do you take all the old guttering and fascias away with you?

A. Yes, as part of every install we ensure we clear away all the old rooflibe products and leave as little disruption as possible. We are a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

Q. Will you need scaffolding to replace my guttering?

A. Not as often as you would think. The majority of properties can be accessed using suitable ladders. Our installers are fully equipped with the latest safety ladders to ensure all jobs are carried out to the highest quality without compromising the safety of our team. If scaffolding is needed due to particularly tricky access then we'll always discuss this at the quote stage. 

Q. What will it cost me to fully replace my guttering, fascias and soffits?

A. One of our most frequently asked questions. The answer to this question is heavily dependant on what style, colour and shape (e.g. squareline or round) of guttering you choose as well as the size of your property and the ease of access to it. Extra cost may have to be factored in if we need to provide specialist equipment (e.g. scaffolding). It will also depend on the quantity of guttering, downpipes, fascias and guttering you'll be replacing. We provide free, no obligation quotes on demand so we'll always give you an accurate price by assessing your property. 


Got a query that's not covered by our frequently asked questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll endeavour to answer your query. To find out more about Up A Ladder's guttering, fascia and soffit installation in Swindon and surrounding areas please click here. Or you can book a free survey and quotation by contacting us on 01793 734398 or 07712 526274 or email me at

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